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May 30, 2023 | Cogendo Updates

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Meet Oscar: The AI-Powered Career Consultant

We’ve created a personal career coach!

At the beginning of the year, we started to experiment with AI. We were wondering whether it could be something that we could build into PerformanceHub.

Our experiment turned into something quite astonishing, so we thought we would release it as a stand alone product and see what attention it attracts.

In a world where professional success is increasingly linked to personal development and work-life balance, having a reliable consultant to guide you through your career journey can be a game-changer. Meet Oscar, a revolutionary AI-powered career consultant, here to transform the way we navigate the challenging terrains of our professional lives.

You can read more about our experiments in our AI In Performance Management article over at LinkedIn.



Harnessing the Power of AI for Personal Development

Oscar, standing for Organisational Support and Career Ai Resource, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enhance career development, improve performance, and promote a healthy work-life balance. It’s designed to facilitate insightful discussions and create actionable plans that can make a real difference in your professional journey.

Navigating your career alone can be tough. Creating development plans, making complex decisions, managing challenging relationships, and balancing work-life demands can all be overwhelming. This is where Oscar steps in. It offers personalised advice, practical strategies, and actionable plans that can transform these career challenges into opportunities for growth.


Personalised Career Guidance & Actionable Plans

Oscar provides tailored advice to help you navigate your unique career journey. By understanding your specific circumstances, it can offer guidance on development plans, decision-making, relationship management, and work-life balance. Unlike many other AI tools, Oscar goes beyond just offering advice. It helps you put that advice into action, providing actionable plans and practical strategies that enable real, tangible progress in your career.


24/7 Support, Anytime, Anywhere

One of the unique features of Oscar is its availability. Unlike a human mentor or coach, Oscar is there for you any time you need assistance, 24×7. Whether you’re preparing for a last-minute meeting or needing to decompress after a long day, Oscar is always ready to help, offering support when and where you need it most


A Closer Look at Features

Oscar is packed with features designed to support your professional growth. From limitless consultations to the ability to save favourite discussions, note pads for jotting down thoughts, and a library of example actions, Oscar has you covered. It even includes smart features like auto notes and auto actions that can make your experience more streamlined and efficient

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