What’s Wrong with Doing Performance Appraisals in Word?

Feb 6, 2024 | Best Practice

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In every company, checking how well each employee is doing is crucial. It’s like a report card that helps the company grow. Many people use good old Word to write these reports. It’s a common tool and quite easy to use. But, is it the best choice for such an important task? In fact, you might have found this article because you were searching for an Word template for an appraisal. Sorry to disappoint, you’re not going to find an appraisal template here!

This article argues that Word (or Excel) is not the best approach. Even though Word is well-known, it’s not ideal for performance appraisals. There’s a better way: online performance management tools like PerformanceHub. These tools are made just for this job and they tackle the issues that Word can’t.


Challenges of Using Word for Performance Appraisals

  • Ease of use: Word can be a pain sometimes. Especially if it’s in a ‘form’ format. Assuming the employee doesn’t break the form, or need more space, or need to share, or collaborate with someone. It’s still a pain!
  • Data Security and Privacy: Keeping employee info safe is top priority. In Word, this info can easily get into the wrong hands because the documents are often emailed around. It doesn’t have strong locks like specialised tools do.
  • Version Control and Consistency: Imagine having many copies of the same document. Confusing, right? That’s what happens with Word. You end up with different versions and it’s hard to know which one is correct.
  • Limited Accessibility and Collaboration: What if someone needs to add their part to the report at the same time as you? With Word, you can’t. Only one person can make changes at a time. This slows everything down.
  • Formatting and Structural Limitations: Word is great for simple docs. But for something complex like employee appraisals, it’s a struggle. Keeping everything looking the same and in order is really hard.

No Reporting or Analytics: With all your performance data locked away in 100s of Word documents, how do you analyse the results.

Poor Adherence: How do you know how employees are getting on with setting goals, creating personal development plans etc? Answer – you don’t. Well, not until you don’t get the forms back that is! You simply can’t track the appraisal process with Word documents flying around in emails.


In the next part, we’ll see why online tools like PerformanceHub are a smarter choice. They are built to handle these problems and make the whole process smoother.


The Advantages of Online Tools like PerformanceHub

  • Centralised and Secure Data Management: Think of PerformanceHub as a safe. It keeps all your important employee information locked away. Only the right people can get to it. This means no more worrying about lost or leaked data.
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Real-time Feedback: Imagine everyone being able to add their bit to the appraisal at the same time. PerformanceHub makes this possible. It’s like a team working together smoothly, with no waiting turns.
  • Automated Workflows and Reminders: PerformanceHub is like a smart assistant. It reminds you of deadlines and guides each appraisal through the right steps. This means no more missed reviews or last-minute rushes.
  • Customisable and Scalable Solutions: Every company is different. PerformanceHub gets this. It lets you tweak things to suit your company’s way of doing things. And as your company grows, PerformanceHub grows with you. It’s flexible and ready to handle more work when you are.
  • Centralised reporting: Run reports for any data collected, at any time, with any groups of employees. Looking for your high performing employees? 1 click. Need to find areas for improvement? 1 click! You get the picture…

In the next part, we’ll chat about how switching from Word to PerformanceHub isn’t just a small change. It’s a big step forward for your company.


Transitioning from Word to PerformanceHub – A Step Forward

  • Ease of Transition: Shifting from Word to PerformanceHub is smooth sailing. It’s designed to be user-friendly. This means your team won’t have to climb a steep learning hill. They’ll find their way around quickly and easily.
  • Training and Support: Worried about getting stuck? Don’t be. PerformanceHub comes with training sessions and round-the-clock support. There’s always someone ready to lend a hand, ensuring your move is hassle-free.
  • Long-term Benefits: Switching to PerformanceHub is like planting a tree. At first, you see a small change. But with time, the benefits grow. Your team works better together, you meet deadlines with ease, and your reports are spot-on. It’s an investment that pays off, making your company stronger and more efficient.

In conclusion, sticking to Word for appraisals is like using an old map in a new city. It’s time to switch to a tool that’s made for the journey. PerformanceHub is that tool, guiding your company towards better performance management.


Wrapping Up

Using Word for performance appraisals might feel safe because it’s familiar. But as we’ve seen, it’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It’s not built for this job. The risks and limitations can hold your company back.

Switching to an online tool like PerformanceHub is a smart move. It’s like upgrading from an old phone to the latest model. Suddenly, everything works better. Your data is safe, teamwork flows smoothly, deadlines are met with ease, and the system grows with your company. It’s not just about making appraisals easier. It’s about setting your company up for success.

Choosing the right tools is crucial. It’s time to step away from Word and embrace a solution that truly fits the task. PerformanceHub is that solution, offering a clear path to effective and efficient performance management.

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