User Guides

We have a series of mini guides for you covering all the different things you can do in PerformanceHub. Click on a guide to download it.

You will also find some guidance on SMART objective setting and if you are a manager, how best to align your team’s objectives.

Scroll down to see user guides for;

  • Creating objectives for yourself
  • Creating objectives for team members
  • Reviewing objectives
  • Creating a Individual Development Plan and Development Targets
  • Completing interim reviews
  • Completing your appraisal

More Info

Individual Development Plans

Creating a development Plan

How to create an Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Interim Reviews

Completing Your Interim Review

How to complete your interim review

Completing Your Team’s Interim Reviews

For managers: How to complete interim reviews for your team

End of Year Appraisals

Completing Your Appraisal Review

How to complete your end of year appraisal

Completing Direct Report’s Appraisal Reviews

How to complete your direct report’s end of year appraisal

Tate & Lyle 2019 Merit Review Guidance

Policy and Process overview for Planning Managers