Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions, grouped by;

  • Errors and unexpected behaviour
  • How PerformanceHub works
  • Process related questions

PerformanceHub not working as expected

Quick tip:

If things aren’t working as you expect, then give PerformanceHub a try using Chrome rather than Internet Explorer. Some machines have been configured to run Internet Explorer in a funny mode PerformanceHub doesn’t like.

Just open Chrome and then go to

I get an ESS/MSS Log In Error Message, I cannot log in via ESS/MSS or the system just does not seem to work who to I contact?
If you have any issues logging in or using the system please log a calls with Service Desk or by email / MyITSupport. Please ensure you include “Performance Hub” in the subject or description of your email.
I get an error message when I click on the link in ESS/MSS
You may not have a PerformanceHub account or you may not have access to PerformanceHub. Please ask your local HR manager for more details.
Some buttons aren’t working

If you have managed to log in, but you find that some buttons aren’t working, like the “New objective” button for instance, it could be because of your browser settings.

PerformanceHub is supported on newer versions of Internet Explorer (your browser) but sometimes, your browser may act as if it is an older version. This often happens if you have services that don’t support newer browsers.

The simplest thing to do would be to use the Chrome browser instead, but you can give the following a go in Internet Explorer if you like.

To stop this from happening, all you need to do is is set the “Document mode” to be IE10, IE11 or Edge. To do this, press f12 and in the Emulation settings, change the document mode to one of the above. It’s likely showing IE7 and that’s why it’s not working.


If you are still having problems, or if you can’t made the change, then please contact Service Desk

Using PerformanceHub

How do I "Save" my work?

Most things in PerformanceHub are automatically saved as soon as you click out of the text box that you are typing in. 

The exception is your Appraisal. When editing parts of your appraisal, a “Save” button will appear. Make sure you click that to save your Work. It’s a good idea to save as you go.

How do I log out?

Top right hand corner of the screen you will see your name. Click your name and a number of options will be presented one being logout.

How do I upload documents?

You can’t upload documents directly, but if you want to copy the text out of a document and paste it into PerformanceHub, you can.

If you need more than the text, you can save the document in the document store, and put a link to it in PerformanceHub. 

How do I go back a step?

It depends on what you want to move back with, here are some examples:

  • If you have shared your appraisal too soon, then you can click the yellow “Stop sharing” button.
  • If, as a manager, you have submitted your DR’s appraisal too soon, then you can click the yellow “Reconsider” button to pull it back.
  • If you have marked an objective as ready for final review too soon, then you can use the yellow “Put back” button.

Performance Management Process

How many objectives should I have?

The guide is at least 5 with one being allocated to a safety objective. In some parts of the business it will be possible to allocate a financial objective too as one of the 5.

Will there be high level objectives pre-set for all employees?

Performance Planning is based on your most senior leader cascading their business unit and or functional objectives down to region, country and team level, so there is an assumption that you will now or alternatively you will need to ask what the high level objectives are.

Will there be Manager+1 to review or approve the employee’s review

Not now, but maybe in the future.