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Release History

A summary of the latest PerformanceHub releases and updates. Check into the page to see how our PerformanceHub, our performance appraisal software is evolving.

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    PerformanceHub and all its features is very much driven by our customers. We tirelessly strive to make PerformanceHub the most powerful and easiest to use performance management sotware on the planet.

    On this page, you will find posts about our latest releases. Check in from time to time to see what’s new.  

    New Continuous Performance Development Features

    New PerformanceHub Release We have added to our existing set of features, to bring you even more ways to be more in-keeping with 'continuous performance development'. If you want to move towards 'Continuous performance development' (more of a living document, than an...

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    User Country Codes

    We have added ISO country codes and names to a user's profile. You can now, optionally, add a user's country to their profile. And because of this change, many reports are now filterable by country. A real win for our multi-national customers!

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    Managing Job Titles and Employee Locations

    Great news! - New ways to manage Job Titles and Employee Locations.   The clever way PerformanceHub manages employee job titles and employee locations has saved PerformanceHub's admin users many headaches over the years. We were inspired to add management...

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    Manager’s Eyes Only

    Controversial - maybe, but in this release we have introduced the ability to add "Manager's eyes only" sections to employee appraisals. Essentially, allow a manager to add notes to an appraisal that their direct report can't see. We've resisted this change for a...

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    Employee Interim Review Enhancements

    New in this release: Interim Review Enhancements The interim name (e.g. Mid-Year Review) is now referenced throughout PerformanceHub (no more references to a generic ‘interim’ which sometimes confused people). You can now define your own instructional text for each...

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    One-to-One Agendas

    We have just released a great new feature for one-to-one meetings: Agendas. For the 30% of our customers who don’t have one-to-ones turned on (yes, 70% of customers do have it turned on, in fact it’s one of PerformanceHub’s most popular features), one-to-ones is a...

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    User Statuses

    We’ve just released a new version of PerformanceHub with a new feature you may want to make immediate use of, so please read on.. “New User Statuses” You know how most employees in PerformanceHub are “Enabled”, but there are also statuses like Leaving, Past Employee...

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    Introducing Appraisal Notes

    Exciting News: Introducing Our Latest Feature – “Appraisal Notes”!   Fresh after unveiling our much-loved "Competency Comments" feature, we've stepped up our game yet again. This past weekend, we proudly launched "Appraisal Notes."   What's "Appraisal Notes"...

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    Introducing Competency Comments

    Over the weekend we released a new feature for competency based reviews. It allows managers and direct reports to add comments against individual competencies when reviewing performance against them. As a bit of background – before the release, if you are using...

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