PerformanceHub Release History

A summary of the latest PerformanceHub releases..


PerformanceHub and all its features is very much driven by our customers. We tirelessly strive to make PerformanceHub the most powerful and easiest to use performance management sotware on the planet.

On this page, you will find posts about our latest releases. Check in from time to time to see what’s new.  

New Appraisal Progress Report

We have enhanced the "Appraisal Progress by Manager" report to make it easier to see which managers are behind in the performance review process. The report still shows you where managers are in the process for each direct report individually but now includes a...

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New Manager Reporting Suite

Today we have released a whole suite of reports for all managers. LOADS OF THEM! Managers have always had a basic set of reports so that they can see how the performance management process is progressing in their team. Most of the old reports focused on a manager's...

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Company Vision, Mission and Values

This release introduces a new Company/Organisation level information section - Values. For a long time now, you have been able to publish a Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Goals and Objectives. But now you will also be able to publish your organisation's values...

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Visual Overhaul

Ahh, that fresh paint smell.... If you have logged onto PerformanceHub recently, you would have noticed quite a few subtle changes to the look and feel. We've spent a little time overhauling colours, text boxes, pop-ups and drop-downs. There are some wording changes...

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Matrix Management Reports

A small update this one - we have introduced a few reports around matrix management and general reporting lines. Because line managers can assign matrix managers to their direct reports, often there is no central view of the overall organisation structure. We just...

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User Country Codes

We have added ISO country codes and names to a user's profile. You can now, optionally, add a user's country to their profile. And because of this change, many reports are now filterable by country. A real win for our multi-national customers!

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