Probation Reviews and Onboarding

Many new starters need to complete a probation period before their employment contract officially starts. But, we know from experience that probation reviews are often late, if done at all. Not only can this lead to frustrated employees and reduced productivity, it could also land you in hot water contractually. But don’t worry. PerformanceHub solves this problem for you!

Probationary periods are a crucial part of the onboarding process. And the review (or series of reviews) is an opportunity for employers to ensure a new employee is a right fit for the organisation (and visa-versa!). The probation period also gives structure to other onboarding activities such as induction, making relationships, exploring the role and digging into untapped experiences.

Employees on probation can still take advantage of all the great features in PerformanceHub, like Cascading Objectives, 121s, Personal Development plans, and Employee Feedback. But rather than having a performance review, probationers have a probation review at the end of their probation period.

Probations are configured separately from ‘normal’ performance reviews, so you can focus on what’s important for new starters and for your onboarding process.

Onboarding Objectives

You can even configure PerformanceHub so that managers get an explicit ‘onboarding objective’ whenever they get a new starter. Knowing that your manager will review how well you onboarded a new starter in your team really helps the quality of onboarding.

Interim Probation Reviews

If you need a series of reviews, building to a final probation review, then PerformanceHub can support this too. Each interim review can focus on different aspects of the onboarding and induction process.

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