Last week we launched Personal Development Plans, a great new feature you can enable in PerformanceHub at any time. Here’s a little more information. 

When enabled, PerformanceHub can help employees define and track progress on their personal development and HR can run a variety of reports to help understand the training and development needs of the company.

A development plan is made by creating Development Targets. A new PDP tab in the main menu bar lists all your/your team’s development targets, so you can see an individual’s complete development plan from one place. You can also see previously completed targets, so you can track achievements over time.

As well as the new tab, a new Personal Development Plan section is added to an appraisal, helping employees and their managers in 3 ways:

    • Provides an opportunity to create new development targets that may have been identified during the appraisal meeting
    • Shows outstanding development targets, giving an opportunity to mark them as complete during the appraisal
    • Provides a ‘snapshot’ record to show when a development need was first identified and when it was met

Either a manager or direct report can create a new development target, but if it is created by the direct report, their manager must agree it.

When a new target is created, a pop-up will take you through 4 steps to help define the target:

Step 1: What
Give the target a title and optional description.

Step 2: When
Optionally provide a due date for the target, useful when a new skill is required for an upcoming project for example.

Step 3: How
Describe how the target will be achieved and what support is required from the company. HR Admin can define a set of “General Approaches”, e.g. Training Course, Coaching, On The Job Training.. This can help categorise targets in reports.

Step 4: Why
Provide a reason for the target. Again, HR Admin can define a set of pre-defined reasons to help with report categorisation or to ensure that employees link their development targets back to company values or behaviours.