Employee Interim Review Enhancements

Apr 8, 2019 | New Feature

New in this release: Interim Review Enhancements

  • The interim name (e.g. Mid-Year Review) is now referenced throughout PerformanceHub (no more references to a generic ‘interim’ which sometimes confused people).
  • You can now define your own instructional text for each interim. For example, you might want to remind people what they should be talking about during their interim meeting, or if you have more than one interim per year, what they should focus on in the 1st one vs the 2nd one.
  • You can now define your own prompt text that is shown to a user before they have entered any text.
  • There is a new Objectives option that says the due date for objectives should default to the next interim review, rather than the end of the period. If you want employees to set six-monthly objectives, for example, then adding a Mid-Year interim review and enabling this option will do the trick.
  • We’ve also made it easier to define interims (no more messing around with start and deadline dates clashing)
  • And finally, interims are automatically created when you create a new review period based on the ones you had set-up in the previous one.

Along with the changes we made a little while ago (ability to delete and add interims on a per employee basis) we think that you’ll be rocking your interim reviews from now on.



Also in this release

User Experience Enhancements:

  • More intelligent default period selection when you are currently ‘between periods’ (ie, have a gap between the old one ending and the new one starting).
  • The calendar pop-up will now not be mangled by Google Translate
  • Interims now show when each participant completed their section
  • If an interim review has been closed centrally, then when people are looking at appraisals later in the review period, incomplete interims are shown with less prominence
  • HR now get a reminder email 1 week before an interim is about to start just in case you want to adjust the dates
  • The employee’s Location is now added to the Appraisals Summary report
  • We’ve added objective weights and ratings to the Objectives Details report

Bug Fixes:

  • Probation reviews for past employees were not showing in the probation reviews manager table in some circumstances
  • If a past employee re-joins, their appraisals will be re-animated in the correct state
  • Long day names (e.g. Wednesday) could sometime spill out of their container and look messy
  • If someone is marked as being on Family or Long-term leave and they had HR Admin rights, you couldn’t remove admin rights from them
  • When creating a new review period, employees is certain states and with a 2nd line manager were not getting new appraisals set with the right status.
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