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Jun 24, 2021 | New Feature

Another update to PerformanceHub to tell you about..


Role Based Fields (AKA appraisal sections)

You now have the ability to add sections to an appraisal that are role dependant. For example, you might want to add a question to an appraisal that should only appear if the employee works in Sales or is a Senior Manager or is a shift worker. The sky is the limit. This feature really opens up a more focused, role based appraisal, so get your creative juices flowing…


Lock Agreed Objectives

There is now an option to prevent direct reports from editing objectives once they have been agreed (thank you customer X for the suggestion – you know who you are!).
You might want to turn this on if you feel that, once agreed, objectives should remain fixed unless the manager thinks otherwise. Note that only the details of the objective are locked (title, description and success criteria) so that direct reports can still comment on progress etc.


None optional Second Line Manager reviews

There has always been an option in PerformanceHub to allow a 2nd line manager to get involved in an appraisal. There has also always been an option to make that involvement mandatory or optional. However, if set to mandatory, it forced a ‘Discussion’ step in the process (where the 2 managers were asked to discuss the DR’s appraisal and confirm that discussion has taken place before an appraisal could be shared with the DR). We have now removed that discussion step, as it was a major blocker to customers who wanted the 2nd line manager to be involved in the appraisal, but did not want to go through all the fuss of holding appraisals up due to outstanding discussions (that generally weren’t happening anyway).


Employee Country Codes

When editing an employee’s details, you can now select a country from a drop-down list of pre-defined countries. PerformanceHub has always had a location field, but some customers used that for country, others for town and others for office building. The driver for this change was data protection and the differing rules in countries, but you might find it useful for general reporting capabilities though.


Job Titles and Locations

In the Job Title and Locations management areas, we have added a count to show you how many employees are using that JT or Location. You’d be surprised how many are defined that are not actually used. It would be worth taking a look at the new management screens and deleting any unused ones as it will make the list of JTs and Locations shorter and therefore easier to apply when adding/editing users.



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