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Aug 30, 2012 | PerformanceHub Release

Exciting Update: PerformanceHub for Schools is Now Live!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of PerformanceHub for Schools, our tailor-made platform designed to enhance and streamline the appraisal process in educational institutions. This innovation comes at the perfect time, with the implementation of new government legislation in September 2012 requiring teachers to be evaluated using a competency-based performance management process.

PerformanceHub has been a trusted solution for competency-based appraisals in various sectors. Now, with our specialised edition for schools, we’ve adapted our platform to align with educational terminology. Instead of conventional corporate lingo, you’ll find familiar school-related terms – think “School” instead of “Company,” and “Headteacher” replacing “CEO”. This makes PerformanceHub for Schools more intuitive and user-friendly for educators.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be partnering with schools to establish their individual competency frameworks. We understand that every educational institution has its unique requirements, and we’re committed to providing a customisable solution that fits your needs.

PerformanceHub for Schools represents our ongoing commitment to supporting educators and enhancing performance management in the education sector. As we move closer to the new term, we stand ready to help schools navigate this legislative transition, ensuring a smooth, efficient appraisal process.

Explore PerformanceHub for Schools today and discover how we’re revolutionising performance management in education.

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