PerformanceHub Release: Appraisal Rescheduler

Feb 2, 2024 | New Feature, PerformanceHub Release

New Feature: Reschedule Appraisals

We have introduced the ability to reschedule individual appraisal start and deadline dates.

Previously, all employees were asked to start completing their appraisal on the End Notify date set on the Period, and given the deadline that is also set for all on the Period. Now you can change those dates on a per appraisal basis so that PerformanceHub will encourage selected employees to complete their appraisal at different times to the overall review periods dates.

Employees have always been able to start their appraisal early, the key difference here is now that PerformanceHub knows an employee needs to complete their appraisal earlier, PerformanceHub will help them do it. Or, conversely, if you want the appraisal to be completed later, PerformanceHub won’t start to ask them to complete it until later.


Here are the 2 most popular use cases


Early appraisal:

Let’s say that a manager is about to leave or move to a new role. You’re close to the end of a review period, but not close enough for appraisals to be started. You want the manager to do their DRs’ appraisals before they move on. Now, you can reschedule the direct report’s appraisals to be done sooner simply by picking a new start date and deadline for them.


Late appraisal:

Let’s say that someone is going to be out of the office for a while during ‘normal appraisal season’. Rather than pester them and their manager with emails and notifications, you can reschedule their appraisal to start later and give them a little more time to finish.

There are lots of other use cases, and we’re sure you will find this new feature super useful.




To reschedule an appraisal, all you need to do is click the new “Reschedule” button on the Appraisal Manager screen. The button will show if you have not already passed the End Notify date for the period (we don’t show it after because people have already been asked to start). Just click on the button and choose a new Start Date (the day the employee and their manager will be asked to start the appraisal) and Deadline (the date they are told it needs to be completed by). Take a look at the Rescheduler help page.




This new version of PerformanceHub also includes a few user interface tweaks and some minor bug fixes too.

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