PerformanceHub Release: Interim Sunbursts

Jun 17, 2015 | Reporting and Analytics

In this release:

  • Way better interim reports
  • A new employee engagement report
  • Various bug and usability fixes

You can’t have too much of a good thing right…? ..thought so.

Sooooo, we have added even more sunburst reports! We had some great feedback on the Objectives Sunburst, so we thought “why not?”.


Interim review progress sunburst chart

The Interim dashboard report (click on Interims in the Dashboard’s sidebar if you have one) now gives you a better overview of progress on interims. You can even click a button to see things in percentage terms. But, if you look on the far right, you’ll see the, by now familiar, sunburst chart icon. Click that and you’ll get a breakdown of progress on interim reviews in a chart.


Employee engagement report

We’ve introduced a brand new report. On your Dashboard, you’ll see a new entry in the sidebar “Engagement”. Click on that and you will see a, yes, you guessed it, a sunburst chart showing you when people last logged into PerformanceHub. It’s the start of a few ideas we have on Employee Engagement reports.

Check your report out here (you’ll need to be logged in). Don’t be too upset if you see a lot of yellow, depending on where you are in your review period, you may not be expecting people to have logged in for a while.


Various stability and usability updates

  • We’ve got rid of that jitter on Chrome!! Hoorah!
  • Feedback tool-tip now takes into account anonymity settings
  • Managers who were “matrix managers only” were incorrectly being given the opportunity to change matrix managers for their team members (when they didn’t have any)
  • Titles have been added to more reports

As ever, feedback is a powerful motivator, so let’s have yours.

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