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Easy to set-up, simple to use

Searching for the best performance management software for small businesses? Look no further! At Cogendo, we offer a solution that’s not just effective but also straightforward to use. Let’s dive into why PerformanceHub is the go-to choice for small businesses in the UK.

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Why Small Businesses Need Performance Management Software

Small businesses face unique challenges when it comes to performance management. Unlike large corporations, they often lack the resources for a dedicated HR team. That’s where PerformanceHub comes in. It offers a range of features that make performance management a breeze:


    • Objective Setting: Easily set and track goals with our Objective feature.
    • Real-Time Feedback: Keep the communication lines open with our Feedback feature.
    • Employee Appraisals: Conduct seamless Performance Reviews without the hassle.
    • Probation Reviews: Super easy onboarding of new staff
    • No HR, no problem: HR’s responsibilities can be spread over seniour team members

What Sets PerformanceHub Apart

Easy to Learn and Implement

PerformanceHub is designed to be easy to learn and implement. You don’t need a degree in HR to get started. Our platform is intuitive, making it simple for everyone in your organisation to use.

Comprehensive Features

From 121s to Competency Reviews, PerformanceHub offers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage your team effectively. All features are available, even for small businesses.

Affordable and Scalable

As a small business, budget is always a concern. PerformanceHub offers tiered pricing to fit your needs without breaking the bank.

Fantastic Support

One quick look at our customer reviews will tell you all you need to know. PerformanceHub is supported by an outstanding team, always on hand to help.

What our customers have to say

A brilliant tool for performance management

The software is so well thought out and intuitive, with great help guides. It makes it so easy to follow the process. A key thing the team love is recording the 1:1s so everyone is clear what is expected of them, and where they need to improve. It helps performance management become a way of working rather than an annual process.

The support has been amazing and even when I closed a period incorrectly[Sensitive Content] noticed and helped us back track and sort everything out.

We have quite a detailed probation process, which didn’t fit the tool, so now they are adding it to the tool.

Julie Bishop

CEO, IT Naturally

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    SMART Objectives
    performance objective icon

    Clarity and Direction

    Set, track, and manage SMART objectives seamlessly, aligning individual roles with your business goals for maximised productivity.

    performance management appraisal iconPerformance Appraisals

    Efficient and Comprehensive Performance Appraisals

    Streamline the review process, ensuring both employees and managers engage in constructive, meaningful performance appraisals.

    Probation Reviewsmanagement software probation review icon

    Ensure a Smooth Onboarding

    Monitor and evaluate new hires effectively, ensuring they align with company expectations and their roles during critical probation periods.

    employee feedback iconEmployee Feedback

    Grow with Collective Insights

    Empower employees with the ability to give and receive feedback from their peers, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.

    Personal Development Plansperformance development plan icon

    Foster Potential and Drive Growth

    Support employee growth by creating and monitoring personal development plans that align with both individual aspirations and business needs.

    manager and employee 121 meeting iconOne-2-Ones

    Deepen Manager-Employee Connections

    Streamline and enhance regular check-ins between managers and their team members, fostering improved communication, alignment, and mutual understanding.

    Reporting and Analyticsperformance management software uk analytics icon

    Deep Insights to Drive Decisions

    Leverage detailed reports and actionable insights to make informed decisions about employee performance, needs, and overall company health.

    simple performance management software iconEasy to Use

    Simplicity Meets Efficiency

    Experience a user-friendly interface designed for quick adoption. PerformanceHub ensures that managing performance feels intuitive, eliminating the steep learning curves often associated with complex software.


    Performance Management Software UK Features

    Core Features

    Advanced Features

    Additional Configuration and Privacy

    • 121 Agendas
    • Rolling Appraisals
    • Multiple Rating Schemes
    • Minimum Number of Objectives
    • Configurable Review Periods
    • Transparency Controls
    • Private Objectives
    • Data Protection (GDPR and UK-DPA)
    • ISO 27001 certified
    • Single Sign On (SSO)
    • Branding