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Cost Effective

Performance management can be time consuming. Time should be spent effectively, not fighting difficult to use software or cumbersome form-filling.

PerformanceHub is extremely intuitive, so more time can be spent doing what’s important.

Fits Your Process

PerformanceHub is highly flexible and can be easily configured to match your performance review process, it can even match your organisation’s colour scheme.

To ensure a successful launch, we’ll help you set PerformanceHub up, train employees and assist with your internal communications, all for free.

Powerful Reporting

PerformanceHub puts the power of real-time data in the hands of those who need it the most.

No matter what your role is in your organisation, the right tools to do your job effectively are built right in.

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PerformanceHub saves time in other ways too – much of the process is automated, with reminders and progress reports taken care of for you. So, no more chasing or hours spent creating reports. Finding top performers and talent retention has never been simpler.

PerformanceHub can also help align your organisation through its unique objective cascade feature, ensuring employee effort is focused in the right place. You now not only have a tool to help you with performance reviews, but also a tool that can help you with operational delivery.

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All of PerformanceHub’s great features are available to you at no extra cost, simply enable them when you are ready. We’ll help you with your setup to ensure you are getting the very best support for your process.


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From the basic principles of knowing where everyone is in the performance review process, from setting objectives to completing performance appraisals, all the way through to details talent management reports, PerformanceHub is there to help.

In-line KPI charts, beautifully crafted interactive sunburst charts and detailed exportable reports are all available at a click of a button.

Straightforward Pricing

Just enter the number of users you want to add to PerformanceHub in the box below, and we’ll calculate the total price for you.

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The best way to see what PerformanceHub can do for your organisation is to have a demo. It’s quick, friendly, done over the web and is definitely not a sales call – we hate the hard sell as much as you do.