Nowhere to hide

Nov 22, 2012 | Reporting and Analytics

Today we released a powerful new dashboard for managers and HR. It provides a huge amount of insight into how objectives are being assigned and progressed in the organisation in real-time.

The new dashboard highlights problems and bottlenecks, both in the process and the delivery of objectives. Here are some of the things it will show you:

  • Who has no objectives assigned to them
  • Who has too few objectives assigned
  • The distribution of the number of objectives assigned – useful to see if some people have far too many objectives
  • Number of overdue objectives
  • Which managers have engaged their staff in the process and which have not
  • Where objectives and objective reviews are in the lifecycle
  • % Complete

It also gives you the ability to send managers who have problems or who are causing bottlenecks a private message to give them some, erm…. ‘encouragement’.

The dashboard is split into 3 sections:

Section 1: Direct Reports
Summary of objectives (or lack of them) assigned to your direct reports. Including ones assigned by matrix managers if you are using them.

Section 2: Second Line Reports
Summarises how your direct reports are assigning objectives to their direct reports, including how many objectives have been assigned and lifecycle progression statistics.

Section 3: Larger Organisation
If your direct reports have larger organisations under them, e.g. department heads, this section gives a summary of all objectives in each of these organisations.

The bottom line is: there’s nowhere to hide!

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