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New release: Usability Enhancements

Today we updated PerformanceHub with some usability tweaks. CEO title incorrectly formatted in PDP tab IE9 (probably 8) when you search in the filter boxes on appraisals manager , if the table shrinks, then the placeholder text is left floating. No future periods HR...

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New Feature: HR Partners

In this release: HR Partners Improved dashboards Improved manager’s status reports ‘Retired’ Grandfathers   Today we updated PerformanceHub with a brand new feature and several improvements to existing features. Here’s a high-level overview of the changes. If you...

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New Release – little big things

Wow, in this release there are no fewer that 38 “little big things”. We moved things a pixel here and a pixel there, stopped people cul-de-sacing themselves, changed a few buttons, made things faster, updated the odd icon.   ..all in the name of...

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New Release

Oh, Internet Explorer 8, someone should take you outside and shoot you. It’ll be the kind thing to do. Mention Internet Explorer to any web developer and they will grumble. Mention version 8 at your peril.. This latest release addresses a bunch of issues with good old...

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