New release: Objective types and more


Today we released the latest version of PerformanceHub. In it, we have added support for employee objective types, introduced new features into HR’s dashboard and have improved the way review periods are selected.


Here are the details.

Development Objectives and Functional Objectives

Users can mark objectives as either Functional Objectives or Development Objectives, and HR can track progress against each objective type separately in the KPI charts and weekly Excel report.

This allows HR to track progress against personal development activities vs functional deliveries, and ensure your managers are taking development of staff seriously.


Other updates in this release


A more intelligent review period selector

PerformanceHub will select the most appropriate review period more often. Before this change, if you didn’t explicitly select a review period, PerformanceHub would select the current review period. Early on in a period, people are still wrapping up the previous period rather than starting to set objectives in the new one. PerformanceHub will now select the previous period until the appraisal deadline date has passed.


3 new HR and CEO dashboard entries

These new entries help:

  • Keep track of the appraisal completion process and provides a reminder button for you to send email to managers lagging behind the process
  • Keep track of the interims and provides a reminder button for lagging managers.
  • Keep track of the appraisal balancing process, provides onscreen completion rates and provides a reminder button


We squished a couple of bugs too

  • Managers were being alerted to unlinked draft objectives their direct reports had created.
  • The CEO couldn’t reconsider a completed company objective.
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