New release: Improved text handling

Jan 13, 2014 | UI

Over the weekend we released the latest version of PerformanceHub. Here’s a quick note to tell you what’s new.

Improved text input

Text fields that can contain a lot of text will now automatically grow in size as you type. A simple change, but it will help people concentrate on what’s important – the content.



Better ‘forgotten password’ flow

We have noticed that when people forget their password, they will keep trying to guess and may not notice that they can simply reset it and start over. We figured that this could be quite frustrating, so we now make the password reset function a lot more obvious if you try 3 incorrect passwords in a row.



Dashboard Tidy-up

We have given the user’s dashboard a title and changed the layout of the top slightly to make it a little less daunting.





Squished bugs

  • If an external person was asked for provide feedback, the email they received was missing their name.
  • If the grandfather comments were changed on an appraisal, the ‘unsaved changes’ text didn’t appear in the correct place on the appraisal form
  • When using Internet Explorer 8, if you cloned an objective and the description of the original objective had multiple lines of text made with carriage returns, then the carriage returns were not copied to the new objective.
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