New PerformanceHub release – Bug squishing

Apr 24, 2015 | UI

New Updates to PerformanceHub: Enhancing Your Experience!

We’re always working behind the scenes to ensure PerformanceHub offers the best experience to its users. Today, we’re excited to share the latest improvements we’ve rolled out to further refine and optimise the platform.

1. User-Friendly Organisational Tools:

  • Sorted Listings: Roles and Competencies will now be displayed in alphabetical order, making it easier for you to find and navigate through them.

2. Browser-specific Fixes:

  • IE8&9: We noticed and rectified an issue where the “spinner” text wasn’t displaying correctly in certain situations.
  • Firefox 37: For those using this browser, we’ve adjusted the display of the PDP section during appraisals. If a target was pulled from an earlier period, we’ve realigned the graphic for clearer viewing.

3. Enhanced Data Integrity:

  • To protect our database and ensure smooth operations, we’ve disabled the ability for users to input certain escape characters, especially ^K, into text fields.

4. Streamlined Meeting Scheduling:

  • We understand that varied frequencies can help in better monitoring and feedback. So, we’ve added an option to schedule 121 meetings every “6 weeks,” providing more flexibility in your planning.

5. Improved Notification System:

  • For DR appraisals, a visual “Amber” alert will now be triggered on the final day if comments & ratings haven’t been provided, or if the appraisal hasn’t been shared, ensuring timely feedback and inputs.

6. Language and Terminology Refinements:

  • We’ve updated specific terms for clarity. For instance, we’ve replaced the term “Grandchildren” on the profile page.

7. Fine-tuning the Appraisal System:

  • There was a minor bug causing an unnecessary newline in the comments boxes for appraisal fields. This has now been addressed and resolved.

8. Aesthetics and Layout:

  • In our bid to offer a visually appealing and intuitive platform, we’ve made some layout updates for a more organised look and feel.

9. Secured and Efficient Logins:

  • We’ve enhanced security and user experience with better email address validation on the login page.

Your feedback and user experience are paramount to us. We’re committed to continuous improvements and are thankful for your continued trust in PerformanceHub. Dive in and explore the enhancements today!

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