New release

Today we updated PerformanceHub with some usability tweaks.

  • CEO title incorrectly formatted in PDP tab
  • IE9 (probably 8) when you search in the filter boxes on appraisals manager , if the table shrinks, then the placeholder text is left floating.
  • No future periods HR Action – made more informative as to what action is needed
  • Special Help Link for more organisations
  • Interims dashboard: handle situation where there are no people in a selected zone (like we do for appraisals & objectives dashboard).
  • Organisation “Type” display errors fixed
  • If the grandfather is the CEO, they don’t show in the appraisal table for HR, so it looks like they have no Grandfather.
  • Opaque cover on objective review state slider not properly in IE8
  • Company goals not showing on the cascade pop-up, if more than one goal is being contributed to just an empty list shows.
  • Cascade and org-chart boxes enlarged slightly
  • Organisation help pages updated


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