New release: Usability Enhancements

Mar 20, 2015 | UI

Today we updated PerformanceHub with some usability tweaks.

  • CEO title incorrectly formatted in PDP tab
  • IE9 (probably 8) when you search in the filter boxes on appraisals manager , if the table shrinks, then the placeholder text is left floating.
  • No future periods HR Action – made more informative as to what action is needed
  • Special Help Link for more organisations
  • Interims dashboard: handle situation where there are no people in a selected zone (like we do for appraisals & objectives dashboard).
  • Organisation “Type” display errors fixed
  • If the grandfather is the CEO, they don’t show in the appraisal table for HR, so it looks like they have no Grandfather.
  • Opaque cover on objective review state slider not properly in IE8
  • Company goals not showing on the cascade pop-up, if more than one goal is being contributed to just an empty list shows.
  • Cascade and org-chart boxes enlarged slightly
  • Organisation help pages updated

In summary, we’ve been hard at work refining and enhancing PerformanceHub to deliver a smoother, more intuitive experience for our users. From fixing minor display glitches to improving the clarity of our HR actions and updating our help pages, every change has been made with your convenience in mind. We’re committed to continuous improvement and value your feedback. We hope you find these updates beneficial and that they further streamline your experience with PerformanceHub. As always, we’re eager to hear your thoughts on this new release. Enjoy exploring the new features!

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