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Jul 12, 2023 | New Feature

employee using PerformanceHub probation review features

We’re thrilled to unveil the newest update of PerformanceHub that packs an exciting collection of features aimed at refining Employee Probation Review support. This latest release is a testament to our unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and making your performance management more efficient and effective.


Overview of the new features

Our latest offering is essentially centred around three key aspects:

  1. Significantly improved support for interim probation reviews
  2. Customisable probation workflow – offering you enhanced control and flexibility
  3. Improved interactions with 121 meetings

Let’s plunge into the details of these exciting updates.


Interim Probation Reviews

If your process requires ‘mini reviews’ during a probation period, you can enable this new feature, selecting the number of interims your process requires, rather than having to ‘extend’ a probation to get a 2nd or 3rd review.


Example uses:

  • You have a 3 month probation period, with a midway review
  • You have a 6 month probation period, with interim reviews each month and a final one at the end


Interim probations are a lighter-touch check-point review. Each interim review can have a different focus. For example, the initial interim could emphasise on-boarding, the second could focus on skill assessment, and the final one could evaluate role suitability. 


New Probation Review Workflow Options

Previously, managers were required to propose a probation review outcome, which then needed HR approval. After that, the manager could submit the final review, and HR had to close the submitted review to wrap up the process. Essentially, HR played a ‘gate-keeper’ role at two different stages in the process.

With the new version, we’ve added flexibility to this workflow. Now, you can decide if HR needs to approve recommended outcomes, and whether HR needs to close the final submission. Even better, these changes can be adjusted according to different outcomes. For instance, you may not require HR approval for a Pass outcome but might find it necessary for a Fail outcome.



Interactions with 121s

You can now set a different 1-to-1 meeting frequency for people on probation vs those not. You can also set different default meeting agendas for probationers. Once a user has completed their probation, they’ll revert to the standard default agenda.



One last thing to mention. This release also includes several usability tweaks, a few new minor functions, reporting enhancements and the odd squished bug.


If you want to have a chat about this, then please get in touch.


We remain dedicated to driving your company’s performance management forward, and we’re excited for you to experience the benefits of these latest enhancements.

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