New PerformanceHub Release – Chairman support

Dec 23, 2013 | New Feature

Chairman support, competency reports and an improved Grandfather experience


PerformanceHub now supports a new special type of user – ‘Chairman’.

You can now add a chairman to PerformanceHub and optionally make the chairman the CEO’s manager.

If you make the chairman the CEO’s manager, the CEO can be appraised by the chairman and can have ‘personal objectives’, i.e. objectives that are not company objectives, and are proposed and agreed between the CEO and chairman.

If you just want to add a chairman to the system because they have a direct report you want to be appraised (such as a PA) but don’t want to appraise the CEO, then you don’t have to make the chairman the CEO’s manager.



Other updates in this release


Competency information added to the Excel report

We have added competency review information to the Excel report emailed on a Monday.

The new information allows you to find people who are performing/under-performing in role and find people with particular competencies and ratings. For example, find everyone in the company that has excellent communication skills.

If you are not already subscribed to the report, HR admin users can subscribe by logging in, clicking your name and selecting Reports.



Rolled-up Grandfather dashboard notifications

We noticed that some users had a lot of dashboard notifications about grandfather meetings. To avoid cluttering up their dashboards with repetitive information, we rolled the alerts up to make the dashboard less daunting.



Improved appraisal status reports

We have added a new column to the appraisal status reports to show when appraisals are waiting for Grandfather sign-off.



Squished a bug

In some circumstances, if a user’s manager was changed, their objectives were not reassigned to the new manager. This prevented the new manager from completing their part of objective reviews. The bug fix prevents this from happening in the future. Any objectives that got into this funny state before the bug fix was released will be updated.

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