New Manager Reporting Suite

May 28, 2022 | Reporting and Analytics

Today we have released a whole suite of reports for all managers. LOADS OF THEM!

Managers have always had a basic set of reports so that they can see how the performance management process is progressing in their team. Most of the old reports focused on a manager’s direct reports.

Managers of managers had a couple of extra status reports so they could get a birds-eye view of adherence in their team.

But today we have opened up the (almost) full HR reporting suite to all managers. Managers can run these reports for all the people in their team (ie, everyone below them in the organisation). There are a few reports that still remain HR Admin only, just the really sensitive ones.


To get to the new reports, all managers need to do is click on their name and select Team Reports in the dropdown menu..

PerformanceHub user menu








From there, they will be taken to the Team Reporting suite. Each entry in the sidebar is a report – here’s what’s included in the manager’s Team Reports sidebar:


Employee status

Progress by managers



Competency ratings


Last login


Feedback by Giver

Feedback by Recipient

Matrix Management

Matrix managers

Matrix reports


Enough objectives by manager

Objective linkage

Objectives per employee


Meetings by Period


Target totals

Target totals by manager


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