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Oct 30, 2012 | PerformanceHub Release

Some great new features in this huge release and all mainly based on user feedback.

Summary of changes:

  • Improved the way objectives are reviewed, so it can all be done in-line now
  • Enabled objectives management from within the appraisals tab, making them faster to complete
  • Made some parts of the appriasal review process automatic, cutting down on the steps needed to make progress
  • Added the ability to delete users from the system entirely
  • Given HR a counter so they know how many licences they have and have used
  • Created a new licence type – “Past Employees” now only take 1/3rd of a licecnce, so you can keep old employee data at a fraction of the cost
  • Given HR a new “Close All” appraisals button to cut down on admin further
  • Created a Delete button for proposed objectives created by the direct report


Details of the changes:

1. It is now possible to review performance against an objective from within the objective’s drill-down (no more pop-ups or ‘Penguin’ icon).

2. Changing the state of an objective review is now done with a slider rather than a pull-down menu. We feel that this will give you a sense of progression through the review states and encourages people to finish reviews.

Here’s what the new drill-down looks like. You can now edit the review, select a rating and change the state all from within the objective’s drill-down. Changes are automatically saved and whilst the save is happening, the RAG bulb goes grey and animates until the save is successful.

3. Choosing a performance rating is now done via an informative button rather than a pull-down menu (the blue ‘click to rate’ button screenshot above). If a rating has been assigned, the button shows the assigned rating instead of ‘click to rate’. When clicked, the pop-up tells you what each performance rating means and you select the most appropriate one from there. We feel this will give people a better sense of what you are looking for when rating people’s performance.

The wording shown in the new pop-up is the same as what you used to be able to see by pressing the blue question mark next to the rating drop down. The actual wording depends on what your HR department have set-up for your company.

4. Objectives can now be managed and reviewed from within the appraisals tab, so you can complete the review process in one place.


5. Objective reviews are now automatically submitted when the appraisal is submitted. This cuts down on the number of steps required to complete a performance review.

Points 4 and 5 mean that you can mainly stay in the Appraisals tab when completing appraisals towards the end of a review period. We felt that this would be less frustrating, easier to follow, reduce barriers to progression, and speed up the process.
6) Deleting users – Users marked as Past Employees can now be deleted from the system, saving you a licence. Go to the HR Employees tab, click the “Show past employees” box and you will see a new delete button for any past employees

7. Licence count – check out the bottom of the HR Employees tab to see what your usage is today.

8. HR can now close all appraisals from the HR Appraisal Manager tab. See the Close All button at the bottom. When pressed, PerformanceHub will close all the appraisals it can. Remember, you can’t close a review period until the appraisals are closed.

9. Until now, only managers could delete Proposed objectives, even if the their direct report was the one who proposed it. Now, if the DR proposed the objective, they can also delete it.

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