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Apr 4, 2012 | PerformanceHub Release

PerformanceHub takes another huge advance today with the introduction of 2 new features – Appraisal Balancing and Grandfathering.


Appraisal Balancing is used to try and ensure that the ratings given in appraisals are normalised across the company. This might be used by HR for a number of purposes, for example:

  • To ensure that a rating of ‘Excellent’ means roughly the same thing across the entire company.
  • To enforce a particular distribution of ratings; e.g. “no more than 10% of employees should get the top rating”, or “don’t end up with 80% of employees on the middle rating”.
  • To identify managers who are consistently under- or over-scoring.

PerformanceHub achieves this by introducing the concept of Provisional reviews and gives HR a gate to prevent managers progressing reviews until the balancing process has taken place. You can configure PerformanceHub to use either an “Early” or a “Late” gate. In a nutshell, the difference is whether provisional reviews can be shared with direct reports or not before the balancing process has been completed.

Grandfathering gives managers of mangers the option of contributing to their 2nd line reports’ appraisals. PerformanceHub does this by giving 2nd line managers a section to fill in on the 2nd line report’s appraisal form and by encouraging the line manager to discuss the 2nd line’s performance prior to an appraisal meeting. Gosh, that was a bit of a mouthful!

Grandfathering is a great positive motivator for employees, knowing that their manager’s manager takes an interest in what they are doing and getting the recognition they deserve.

If you like the sound of these features, you can switch them on in the Admin Configuration tab. If you want help factoring them into your current process, drop us a line and we’d be happy to help.

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