New Feature: Performance Feedback

Nov 25, 2013 | New Feature





Today, we released our latest feature – Performance Feedback



PerformanceHub now allows employees to give performance feedback to other people in your organisation. It allows managers and their direct reports to ensure performance reviews include opinions and ratings from all relevant people across the business, and also enables employees to give ad-hoc feedback on anyone at any time (for instance, to acknowledge a job well done).

Performance Feedback is a configurable feature you can turn on whenever you like, and there are two independent configuration options:

  • Requested feedback: If enabled, employees will be able to explicitly request feedback for use in their appraisal, as can their manager. When asking for feedback, an employee (or their manager) can create one or more questions which can then be asked of one or more people. In this way, employees can use the feature to make simple feedback requests, or create bespoke 180 or 360 degree feedback around specific subjects. People asked do not have to be in your organisation either, which is great for those employees who have a lot of contact with the outside world.
  • Unprompted feedback: If enabled, employees will be able to provide feedback on others at any time without the need to be asked first.


For a full list of PerformanceHub functionality, check out the features page  here.

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