New Appraisal Progress Report

Sep 9, 2022 | Reporting and Analytics

Get ready for a game-changing update! We’ve supercharged the “Appraisal Progress by Manager” report, transforming it into an incredibly insightful tool that will revolutionise the way you track the performance review process. Our aim? Making it effortless for you to spot which managers are lagging behind!

The revamped report maintains its core function, presenting you with a real-time, detailed view of where each manager stands with their direct reports’ appraisal. But here’s the twist – we’ve added an exciting new summary column. One quick sort of this column, and voila! You’ll instantly see the managers who need a gentle nudge (or a kick!).

One more thing – we’ve got more to unveil. With this latest release, we’ve dialed up the finesse on all our sunburst charts, optimising their sizing for seamless readability. You thought that was it? Not quite! We’re introducing an ingenious method to showcase “force-closed” appraisals in the appraisals sunburst chart, making it even easier to stay on top of your appraisal process adherence.

Get ready to experience the best version of our platform yet! Don’t wait to explore these exciting enhancements – get stuck in now, they are ready to go!


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