Mission vs Vision Statement: New Feature

Mar 7, 2016 | New Feature

Vision Statement Support and More

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of PerformanceHub went live over the weekend. As ever, you get instant access to all the new features this new release provides.

This is a special release for us because it’s the first that has been made as a direct result of your comments and votes on our new public roadmap (which is now available to Admin users directly from the PerformanceHub Dashboard).

Our plan is to use the public roadmap to ensure we’re prioritising the features you need.



In this release:


Vision Statements

You can now have a Vision statement, which will appear on the Company tab. You can choose to have a Vision statement or a Mission statement, or both. Studies have long shown that having clear vision and mission statements, and aligned company objectives, can result in better employee engagement and retention, and financial performance[1].


Objectives Due Soon

Employees will now get a dashboard action when they’re approaching the due date for an objective. This only applies if the due date is ahead of the usual “end of review period” deadline that objectives have by default.


New HR Controls for Appraisal Management

HR can now force close appraisals early, for example if an employee is off on long-term leave or maternity and an appraisal is not required. You do this from the Appraisals Manager page (select “Employees” in the extra functions menu, then select “Appraisals” from the navigation bar).
HR can also re-open closed appraisals. This might be needed if you accidentally close the wrong appraisal, with the previous function, but we’ve seen situations where someone comes back from long-term leave earlier than expected or where something comes up that warrants an appraisal form being updated.


Tweak to interim comments

In the interim review section of appraisals the manager’s comments were displayed first, but in all other sections the direct report’s comments are displayed first. So we’ve changed interim reviews to match.


Display bug in Safari squished

On Safari (iPhones, iPads and Macs), when an appraisal had been finished, in some sections of the appraisal the text was too pale, making it hard to read.


Roadmap access

A new “Useful Links” link has been added to HR’s dashboard so you can go straight to our public roadmap from PerformanceHub.




Other bits and bobs

  • If a manager proposes an objective to a direct report and then agrees it soon after, the proposed notification is suppressed.
  • If an objective or development target is proposed and then deleted soon after, no notification is sent (rather that 2).
  • External feedback requests now say which company the person the feedback is on works for.
  • We’ve also squished a few minor bugs.
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