Managing Job Titles and Employee Locations

Oct 17, 2020 | UI

Great news! – New ways to manage Job Titles and Employee Locations.


The clever way PerformanceHub manages employee job titles and employee locations has saved PerformanceHub’s admin users many headaches over the years. We were inspired to add management features after seeing the mess traditional HRIS systems can make of your data. For example, they¬† often allow you to create duplicates, or slightly different versions of the same thing (think “Senior Manager” vs “Senior Mgr” vs “Snr. Manager”… you get the picture. Things can get messy fast.


And today, we took things a step further by introducing ‘usage’ stats on the job title and locations management page. We’ve even automated way to prevent duplicate entries.

You can now very quickly spot outdated locations and job title, prune where appropriate, merge if needed and get stats we’re sure many people will find super interesting.


In essence, our latest update is all about giving you greater control and clarity over your data. We understand the intricacies and potential pitfalls of managing employee information, and we’re dedicated to ensuring PerformanceHub remains a beacon of simplicity and efficiency in this domain. With the new ‘usage’ stats and enhanced management features, we’re confident that you’ll spend less time untangling data discrepancies and more time focusing on what truly matters. We believe these enhancements will make your administrative tasks even more effortless and insightful. As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback and hope you enjoy the new and improved PerformanceHub experience!


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