PerformanceHub: Little Big Things Relase

Sep 14, 2015 | PerformanceHub Release

We’ve just released a new version of PerformanceHub with some of those “Little Big” changes we like to do. Small things, that make a big impact on usability.


Here’s a run-down of what’s new:

HR Partner improvements

  • We have changed the selector that allows you to pick what zone you are looking at. It’s now a nice neat dropdown.
  • We noticed that the selected zone was not “sticky” as you flicked between certain reports, so we fixed that.
  • We re-worded some of the dashboard actions for HR Partners so that the action relates to their specific zone(s)


Long term leave

We updated how PerformanceHub behaves when a user’s account has been disabled. Now, as well as that user not getting any notifications, their manager will also not receive any notifications or actions that relate to that user. Disabled user accounts are also removed from various HR dashboard actions.

The manager will also see a new icon in the sidebar next to the user to show that their account has been disabled.


More legible date format

We have changed the way dates are displayed on objectives from the international date format to a more “human friendly” format. We also changed it when users look at important review period dates.


One to One meetings

We have improved the wording on 121 meeting prompts and made it clear that placeholder meetings can be used to publish an agenda or working notes for future meetings.



We saw that some people were putting objectives into “In Review” when they were doing their interim reviews, even though they hadn’t finished work on them. To help avoid this, we have changed the button from “Ready for Review” to “Ready for Final Review” and improved the tool-tips (instructions you get when you hover over a button)

We have also improved the tool tips and confirmation dialog when users Propose objectives.


Appraisal balancing

We have “upgraded” a manager’s dashboard action to set a Provisional rating from “Blue” to “Amber” between the End of Period date and the End of Period date. This should encourage ratings to come in sooner and help speed up any balancing, calibration or levelling processes you have as manager will now be reminded to add the ratings each week until they are done.


Formatting of rating descriptions on appraisal fields

You can now add bullet points in rating descriptions like you can in other field descriptions.


“Quirks Mode”

We have found that a small minority of users have their Internet Explorer set to “Quirks Mode” (it emulates the browser running as IE7 or earlier so PerformanceHub won’t work properly). We now catch that and tell the user what they can do about it.


Improved shared PC support

Where users are sharing PCs, in some circumstances, when the 1st user leaves themselves logged in to PerformanceHub and a 2nd user clicks on a link in their email notification, they are taken to the 1st user’s account rather than their own. We now catch this, automatically log the 1st user out and ask the 2nd user to log in as themselves.


As ever, feedback is a powerful motivator, so let’s have yours.

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