Five Tips For Engaging Employees

Sep 14, 2022 | Performance Management Discussion

How to engage employees – One of the key aspects of any successful business is a focused and engaged workforce. When your entire team feels connected to your brand, they are far more likely to remain in your employment and go above and beyond in their roles.


With the great resignation showing no signs of abating, being able to attract and retain staff is of the utmost importance for any business. Keeping your employees engaged is an essential part of this, but how do you engage your workforce? We’ve taken a closer look at five tips to help you.


1) Provide them with the tools they need

One of the most common issues for employees to disengage from their work is finding that the company infrastructure, processes and tools are inadequate for their current role.

Technology is transforming the world around us and helping to make countless roles more efficient. If your staff are finding that they are still having to spend hours manually completing tasks, they are far more likely to seek jobs at companies where they can be more efficient.

Online performance reviews can take at least one of those pain points away!


2) Ensure they are recognised

Another crucial step in employee engagement is ensuring that they are being recognised for their work. Research has shown that 44% of employees who recently changed roles did so due to a lack of recognition, while further studies have revealed that recognition programs can boost performance by 11%.

Recognition can take a wide range of forms. This could be a monetary bonus, coupons, an extra day holiday or even just a simple public congratulations. Whatever it might be, you want your employees to feel valued.


3) Offer career progression

A lack of career progression is another major reason why employees are leaving, with 40% of workers stating that a lack of opportunity was the reason they were resigning.

That is why if you want to boost employee engagement, you need to ensure that you are giving your staff a chance to progress. While advancing in their career is crucial, it does not always mean that you need to promote employees every year. Instead, you could provide them with the opportunity to develop their skills through training and courses.


4) Focus on company culture

Developing a clear and engaging company culture is becoming increasingly more important. Clearly defining your values and goals is vital, and studies have found that employees feel more engaged and have greater job satisfaction when working at companies that align with their values.

A strong company culture can also help to attract the best talent, as well as keep your team happier.


5) Ensure a strong work-life balance

The global pandemic transformed the way individuals saw their work and placed a far greater emphasis on the need for a strong work-life balance. Although life has returned to some level of normality, it is important not to forget to focus on giving your employees a strong work-life balance.

That means being able to provide them with opportunities to work from home as well as providing more flexible working hours.



Final thoughts

When it comes to boosting employee engagement, there are no hidden secrets that you need to consider. All it takes is being honest, upfront, and focused on providing your staff with a meaningful place to work.


Equally, boosting engagement does not require vast investment but instead time and focus on creating strategies that promote overall welfare. Here at Cogendo, we know how important it is to have everyone in your organisation performing at their best and we have designed PerformanceHub with these tips in mind.


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