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Role Based Reviews Feature


Sometimes, certain roles need to have a slightly different performance review. PerformanceHub has you covered with role based performance reviews and appraisals.

Do you want a more targeted approach in your performance reviews? Different roles require different evaluation metrics. PerformanceHub’s role based reviews are tailor-made to offer that differentiation.

With PerformanceHub, you don’t stick to a one-size-fits-all appraisal form. Instead, you can finely tune the Performance Appraisal form (or Performance Review form, the choice is yours) to match each employee’s role. Imagine this: for an employee in sales, PerformanceHub automatically adds a section where sales performance can be discussed and possibly rated. Similarly, for a support role, a dedicated section emerges focusing on critical support metrics. The flexibility is limitless and entirely in your hands.

Also, when combined with competency framework support—a stellar feature that paves the way for reviews rooted in your organisation’s competency framework—PerformanceHub becomes your go-to for crafting reviews that resonate with individual employees.

Why stop at annual performance reviews? Integrate this role-centric approach into Probation Reviews as well, giving you a holistic view of an employee’s performance from day one.

And the icing on the cake? Set it up just once and watch PerformanceHub work its magic. It’s not just about simplifying; it’s about empowering your review process, making it both effortless and incredibly impactful.

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