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PerformanceHub seamlessly integrates Personal Development Plans (PDPs) as a core feature, allowing employees to create, track, and optimise their development journey. Ensuring alignment with both personal ambitions and organisational goals.

Personal development plans are a structured framework to prepare and implement your development within the organisation. They might cover longer-term career aspirations, skills needed for a new project/role, or to overcome short-term performance gaps.

You might be using PerformanceHub to track performance against objectives, peer feedback from colleagues, informal feedback from 121s or more formal feedback from performance appraisals. But what good is all that without a structured plan to build on the feedback you are receiving? That’s where PDPs come in.


We often see development plans mixed in with other deliverables, such as objectives and goals. However, we firmly believe that a PDP should be separate from other deliverables. Keeping PDPs separate enables employees to focus solely on development and not delivery.

We have a use guide you might want to take a look at: Personal Development Plans Explained.



Personal Development Plans in PerformanceHub

PerformanceHub helps employees define and track progress in their personal development. In addition, HR can run various reports to help understand the training & development needs of the organisation and can visualise employee engagement with personal development. 

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Managing personal development plans is straightforward in PerformanceHub. They are created by adding what we call “Development Targets”, and a list of targets forms your plan. The PDP section also provides a training record by keeping track of all your previously completed development targets.

As well as the PDP section, an overview of your Personal Development Plan section is added to appraisals, helping employees and their managers consolidate and evolve development during a performance appraisal.


A manager or their direct report can create new development targets by proposing drafts to each other. Allowing employees to start the process engages them by allowing them to take more control over their personal development. 


Development targets are structured to help employees define them clearly. Each one has a section for What, When, How and Why. The ‘How’ and ‘Why’ can be free-text or pre-defined selections, which help with centralised reporting and analytics.


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