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Employee Performance Reviews Feature


What would any performance review software be without a performance review? PerformanceHub has you covered with a highly configurable performance review form (or performance appraisal form if you prefer). Add whatever you like to your form and PerformanceHub takes care of the rest. You can even make the forms role specific.

Online Performance Reviews in PerformanceHub

Your performance management process is likely unique to your organisation. And because of this, you might wonder how any performance management software could manage your specific needs. But with PerformanceHub, that’s not a problem – PerformanceHub’s online performance reviews are highly configurable, so we’ve got you covered!

The performance review is where everything comes together. It’s an important part of your process that gives employees and managers time to reflect, develop and plan for the future.


PerformanceHub automatically creates employee appraisals based on your configuration. For example, if you have personal development plans, they are included. If you have peer to peer feedback, the feedback is included too. But we go further than that – you can add as many sections as you like and configure those sections to work in many different ways. They could be simple questions like “What do you think well?” or “What are you most proud of?”. Or very specific for collecting quantitative data to help with other processes. For example, talent management and succession planning. Or even make the sections employee role based.


Competency Based Reviews

If you need your online performance reviews to include a competency review too, then no problem. PerformanceHub also supports competency based reviews. All you need do is add your competency framework to PerformanceHub, and the competencies relevant to the employee’s role are automatically applied. If you are unsure how to approach competency ratings, perhaps this short post on the best way to rate employee competencies will help?


Performance Ratings

As well as being able to rate performance against individual objectives, competencies and any section you care to add to the review, you can also capture overall performance ratings as a way of summarising employee performance. You might want to do this with a single rating, but many of our customers use two overall ratings to capture ‘Performance’ vs ‘Behaviour’ or ‘Performance’ vs ‘Potential’ – great for 9-box grid-style reporting. PerformanceHub is flexible regarding performance rating, so you define anything you like.

Do you call your performance reviews performance appraisals? – No problem, just rename them in PerformanceHub and you have online performance Appraisals instead!

Online performance reviews are a great way to inject life into your performance management process, making them easier to do and better to create reports from.

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