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Matrix Management Support in PerformanceHub


As well as regular Line Management, PerformanceHub also supports Matrix Management style reporting lines. Not only is this feature a must of matrixed organisations, it’s really useful where employees do work for others in cross-functional teams. 

What’s Matrix Management?

Simply put, a matrix manager in PerformanceHub is ‘another’ manager an employee might have as well as their line manager. An employee might have multiple matrix managers, but they only have one line manager.

An employee’s line manager is responsible for the whole performance development cycle of their team members. Objective setting, development plans, performance reviews etc. Whereas a matrix manager is more focussed on objectives. For example, you might be the HR Business Partner for the Operations department. Because you work in HR, your line manager is the HR Director. But you work very closely with the Operations Director because of your role, so the operations director could be your matrix manager, setting you objectives for the work you do for them.

Matrix management is also useful for cross-functional teams. Imagine a project where lots of employees from different parts of the organisation come together. They all have differnent line managers. If you make the Project Manager the matrix manager for the team members, then you get much better alignment.


Why Use Matrix Management?

  1. See the Whole Picture: The line manager knows all the tasks their employee is doing, even if it’s for someone else. This gives a full view of the employee’s workload.
  2. All Data in One Place: At the end of the review period, PerformanceHub gathers all the performance data from the objectives set by the matrix managers. This means the line manager sees how the employee performed in every job they did, all in one review.
  3. Saves Time: The line manager doesn’t have to remember what work was done for others or ask them for feedback. PerformanceHub already has all the info ready for them.



Matrix Management in PerformanceHub makes performance reviews easier and more complete. It understands that employees often work with many people, and it makes sure their hard work gets noticed by everyone. With PerformanceHub, reviews are simple and thorough.

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