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Cascading Employee Objectives Feature


At the heart of any employee performance management software are objectives and goals. PerformanceHub visually links employee objectives through the organisations all the way up to organisational objectives and longer terms goals. Helping everyone stay aligned and focused.

Because objectives are key to any employee performance management process, when it comes to managing objectives in PerformanceHub, there’s a lot to talk about. Here are some highlights..


Easy to create and manage

It’s easy to create SMART objectives in PerformanceHub. Simply click the ‘new’ button and fill in the details (title, description, success criteria and due date). But to make things even more efficient, there are built-in tools to help you too. For example, you can create new objectives based on old ones, create them en mass for your team or use one of your objectives as a seed to cascade team objectives.


Collaborative and Engaging

To engage employees, creating objectives can be collaborative – as an employee, you can propose objectives to your manager and work on the details within PerformanceHub together before they are agreed.

To help with organisational alignment and employee engagement, PerformanceHub can show how objectives across the business link together to deliver your organisation’s objectives and longer-term organisational goals.

During a review period, employee objectives may change, new ones created, and existing ones delivered. PerformanceHub keeps track of everything in real time.

Visual objectives cascade


Performance data when it matters the most

All objectives are reviewed by both the manager and the employee. Reviews can be done whenever they are needed and you can take notes as you go too. If you want to rate performance against each objective (give them ‘scores’), you can do that too. Rating schemes are configurable, so you can rate objectives however you like.


Supports Matrix Management

PerformanceHub supports Matrix Management. Ideal if you have a matrixed organisation or even just for cross-functional teams. With this feature enabled, employees can have more than one manager setting and reviewing objectives—an ideal way to collect employee performance data and provide feedback without extra effort.


A few other highlights:

  • You can enable objective weights. Ideal if you want to communicate the relative importance of each objective.
  • If you have bonus objectives, you can enable those too and then PerformanceHub will help with bonus calculations. It will even use objective weights in the calculation if weights are enabled.
  • If you are running a more continuous performance management process, you might want to enable ‘rolling objectives‘. These really help keep the momentum around appraisal time.


With employee objectives software, managing objectives becomes a breeze.


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