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Peer Feedback and 360 Feedback in PerformanceHub 

Feedback from others is a great way to ensure a fair and balanced performance review. PerformanceHub supports several feedback features, including 360 feedback and even feedback from people outside your organisation.

Unlock an employee’s true potential with feedback from a wide variety of people. Feedback is an effective performance development tool so should not be limited to feedback from just your manager¬† (like paper-based appraisals often do).

There are two main types of feedback in PerformanceHub:

Unprompted Employee Feedback

When enabled, any employee can give feedback to any other employee whenever they like. For example, let’s say you have been in a meeting with someone who performed brilliantly in the meeting – you can pop into PerformanceHub and give them (or just their manager) feedback on how they performed and why you thought it was so good.

Requested Feedback

When enabled, employees can ask for feedback from others. The employee or their manager can start the process by creating one or more questions to be sent to others. These could be simple questions to others you have worked with or more in-depth 360 feedback questions sent to all around you.

Optionally, it might be helpful to ask for feedback from people outside your organisation, such as suppliers or customers. So, PerformanceHub supports the notion of “external feedback” – something you can disable if you do not want feedback requests to go externally.

There are many other feedback configuration options, such as performance ratings, visibility controls and anonymity options.


PerformanceHub keeps a record of all employee feedback received ready for the next 121 meeting or performance review. It also keeps a record any feedback you have given to others in the past, so you always know where you stand.


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