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Employee 1-to-1 Meeting Agenda Feature


PerformanceHub supports many types of 121 meeting agenda and meeting agendas can be configured to work to perfectly match your performance review process. Ideal for continuous performance management.

One-to-one meetings (121s) are key to good employee management and building strong work relationships. They’re casual yet frequent chances for managers and employees to talk about work, solve problems, update on goals, and cheer on successes. A well-planned 121 meeting agenda promotes honest talk, boosting productivity, understanding, and teamwork. They also prepare both sides for any performance reviews.

PerformanceHub’s 121 Meeting Agenda feature lets you fine-tune the way your 121 meetings work.


Here’s how you can use the 121 Meeting Agenda feature


Disable Agendas:

Want a laid-back 121 meeting with no set topics? This choice is for you. When you turn off Agendas, they won’t show up, letting your team chat freely. It’s perfect for natural, open conversations.


121 Meeting Agenda – Defaults only

If you like structure, turn on agendas. It sets a standard agenda for everyone. With this, you can:

  • Use the same agenda for all or change it based on roles, like if they’re a manager.
  • Change the agenda for special cases, like probation reviews. So, people on probation might have a different agenda than those who aren’t.

This gives your 121 meeting agendas consistent structure but also lets you tweak it for different situations.


121 Meeting Agenda – Editable Agendas

For more control, this choice lets managers make their own agendas for each team member. Managers can:

  • Begin with the default agenda, as described above.
  • And then create special agendas to use for certain team members.


This gives managers great flexibility in shaping 121 meetings to suit the needs and objectives of their team members.



PerformanceHub’s 121 Agenda feature provides a versatile and powerful tool that adapts to your organisations specific needs. Whether you prefer free-form discussions or need to fine-tune agendas for different roles and situations, this feature offers a solution. By embracing 1-to-1s, your organisation can enhance employee engagement, streamline communication, and foster a more cohesive and productive team environment.

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