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Competency Frameworks Feature


To help with competency based reviews, just add your competency framework and let PerformanceHub take care of the rest.

In today’s fast-paced business world, a clear framework to review employee competencies is vital. It’s key for growth, talent management, and succession planning. PerformanceHub’s Competency Framework feature makes this process smooth and efficient. 


Competency Based Reviews Made Simple

PerformanceHub’s user-friendly system automatically adds the right competency set to employee appraisals. This way, managers can quickly review performance. Here’s how it works:

  • Flexible: Want a simple or detailed competency review? It’s up to you. For simple reviews, employees just pick performance ratings. You can allow optional comments for each rating or make comments mandatory.
  • Comprehensive: You can apply competencies in various ways:
    1. Core Competencies: These are applied to all employees, ensuring that basic standards are met throughout the organisation.
    2. Leadership Competencies: These target managerial roles, reflecting the unique skills needed for leadership.
    3. Role-related Competencies: Specific to particular roles. This ensure role-aligned growth and development.
    4. Level-related Competencies: Aimed at specific role levels, they allow for fine-tuned evaluation within a given role’s growth path.
  • Automated: Just add your competency framework. PerformanceHub does the rest. It makes the appraisal process easy and fast.


Interested in how to create a competency framework? Take a look at the different ways you can rate competencies.



Why Choose To Use PerformanceHub’s Competency Framework Feature?

  • Efficient Management: No more manual aligning and collating of competencies. Focus on outcomes instead.
  • Greater Performance Insights: Collecting role based competency performance ratings gives the manager and your wider organisation rich data sets to help with; performance development, talent management and succession planning.
  • Customisation: You have the flexibility to create a review process that fits your organisational needs, whether that’s focusing on leadership development, role-specific skills, or a mix of different competency levels.
  • Alignment with Business Goals: PerformanceHub’s Competency Framework ensures that employee evaluation is aligned with your business goals and values, fostering growth in the directions that matter most to your organisation.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The platform promotes transparent communication between employees and managers, making it easier to align individual performance with organisational expectations.
  • New Starter Evaluation: Reviewing performance against competencies via an interim probation review is a great way to ensure role fit for new starters.




Get Started With Competency Based Reviews Today

Harness the power of PerformanceHub’s Competency Framework and take the next step in elevating your organisations performance management. Adding your competency framework is a simple process that brings profound advantages. Experience the innovation in performance evaluation that only PerformanceHub can provide.


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