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1-to-1s and Check-in Meetings Feature


To help with continuous performance management, PerformanceHub supports 121 check-in meetings.

Employee 121 meetings are an essential part of any employee performance management process. We’re not talking about the annual face-to-face review meeting here. We’re talking about frequent, informal 121 check-in meetings.


Frequent employee 121 meetings with managers serve a number of purposes:

  • Ensure objectives and development targets are on track and still relevant.
  • Give an opportunity to provide coaching and feedback before it’s too late to make changes.
  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment to give 2-way feedback.
  • Are a key ingredient in continuous performance development.
  • Above all, they ensure there are no surprises at the end of a review period.


PerformanceHub can take care of your employee 121 meetings process, encourage them to take place, and provide both managers and their direct reports a place to record meeting notes.


Meeting agendas are also supported. There are several ways you can configure agendas, here’s an overview:

  • No agenda
  • Fixed agenda for all
  • Fixed agenda, depending on the employee’s role
  • Default to fixed agenda, but allow the manager to create their own on a per direct report basis
  • Special agendas for new starters in their probation period

You can read more about how agendas work in our 121 Meeting Agendas feature page.


HR can set the expected meeting frequency centrally, e.g. everyone is expected to have a 121 meeting every week, two weeks, month etc. A special default frequency can be used that allows users to document 121 meetings, but PerformanceHub won’t ‘hassle’ them to have them. Whatever the default frequency is set to, managers can change this on a per-direct report basis.


Finally, HR has access to all 121 notes, along with various reports that allow them to see who is/isn’t having meetings, how frequently they are taking place and who has overdue meetings. 


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