Explore PerformanceHub's Features

Performance management features such as; Objectives, Appraisals, Probation Reviews, Feedback, Development Plans, Reporting, even the Branding can all be configured to match your performance management process.


Explore the many things you can do with PerformanceHub below.


PerformanceHub is packed with many great features, all of which can be configured to meet your performance managment process needs.

All features are included, you simply enable the ones you want to use.

Core Features

Advanced Features

Additional Configuration and Privacy

  • 121 Agendas
  • Rolling Appraisals
  • Multiple Rating Schemes
  • Minimum Number of Objectives
  • Configurable Review Periods
  • Transparency Controls
  • Private Objectives
  • Data Protection (GDPR and UK-DPA)
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Branding

Explore PerformanceHub’s Features

Works Your Way

Every organisation is different and so PerformanceHub can be too.

Configure PerformanceHub to fit your performance management process and not the other way around.

Joined Up Thinking

Performance management is not done in a vacuum.

PerformanceHub can join everything up, from the organisation’s long term vision, all the way down to individual objectives.

Employee Personal Development

At the core of an organisation’s performance are people. You want the best out of people, and people want an input to their own development.

Continuous Performance Development

PerformanceHub supports a few different types of review to help you capture the right information at the right time.

Reporting and Analytics

PerformanceHub supports a vast array of reporting and analytics capabilities, and if we don’t have a report you need, just tell us and we’ll add a bespoke report at no extra cost.

Security and Support

ISO 27001 certification, GDPR compliant, an amazing support track record and fully hosted by us in secure UK data centres.