Feature Release: Performance Rating Schemes

Sep 21, 2011 | New Feature

Last week we released a brand new feature – Customisable Rating Schemes.

PerformanceHub now gives you the ability to define your own employee rating scheme. Your scheme can have as many ratings as you like and you can name them whatever you want.  So you can stick with the simple 1 to 5 scheme or use words like “Exceptional” to “Improvement Needed” instead.

Each rating also has a description so employees can see exactly what is required to obtain the rating.

To make things simple, we have introduced a “Rating Schemes Library”. We’ve created 2 standard schemes to get you going, but you can add more yourselves and use whichever you fancy. We’ve even taken care of the issue of changing rating schemes between review periods, so you needn’t worry about mismatched reports.

One more thing, we’ve improved the traffic lights adding the letters R, A and G onto the bulb. This should help anyone with colourblindness.

Further reading about how to create a rating scheme can be found here:
What is a performance rating: A Comprehensive Guide To Rating Employee Performance.

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