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May 16, 2022 | New Feature

Discussing Organisational Values

Exciting News: PerformanceHub’s Latest Update – Organisational Values!

We’re thrilled to announce the newest release of PerformanceHub!

At the core of this update is the addition of a fresh Company/Organisation level information section: Organisational Values. We recognise the pivotal role that core values play in shaping an organisation’s culture and driving its vision forward. This new feature expands the feature set that helps with organisational alignment.

While PerformanceHub has long allowed you to showcase your Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Goals, and Objectives, this update takes it a step further. Now, you can proudly display and share your organisation’s intrinsic values with everyone. By combining all these elements – mission, vision, goals, objectives, and now values – we believe we’re giving you the perfect toolkit to ensure that your organisation remains cohesive and every employee’s objectives align with the broader organisational vision.


But that’s not all!

We’ve added a shiny new editor to enhance your user experience. With this editor, you have the freedom to infuse HTML markup into your company information, ensuring it appears exactly as you envision. And to make things even better, this editor provides a real-time preview, letting you see how it will appear to other users. And guess what? We loved this editor so much, we’ve also incorporated it into the 121s agenda creator!

Lastly, in our continuous effort to streamline the processes, we’ve expanded editing permissions. Now, not only the senior team but also HR Admin can dive in and make necessary changes.

We’re confident that these enhancements will elevate your PerformanceHub experience, making it more intuitive, inclusive, and effective. Dive in and explore these new features today!

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