New Feature: Mission Statements

PerformanceHub is on a Mission. Are you?

We have just released a new feature – “Mission Statements“.

Your CEO can now publish a mission statement on the Company tab for all your employees to rally behind. Combined with Company Goals and Company Objectives, your CEO can now communicate the full strategy; from your company’s  Mission, to its long term Goals, to timely Objectives right the way down to each individual’s deliverables.

Not enabled the Goals feature? You can from the PerformanceHub configuration page.

There’s no need to enable Mission Statements, they show up as soon as your CEO chooses to publish one.

It works for schools too – Head Teachers can set a Mission Statement in the School tab.

With this release, we are laying the foundations for some exciting Talent Management features we’re sure you’ll love – watch this space. In researching talent management, we learnt how something as simple as providing a clear mission statement can help with employee engagement, leading to better performance and improved retention.

New Feature: Goals

Over the weekend we released a new PerformanceHub feature: Organisational Goals.

Goals are like long-term objectives, similar to objectives in many ways, but they aren’t linked to a specific review period. They give your Senior Management Team the ability to clearly communicate your organisation’s longer term aspirations to the workforce. You can link organisational objectives to goals to show how the goals will be achieved, helping you plan and communicate long term strategies. Employees can now not only see how their individual objectives contribute to the organisation’s objectives, but also how their work contributes towards the goals and vision of the organisation.

Once enabled, Goals are visible under the Company tab (or School tab if you are a school).

Goals can be enabled from the Admin Configuration tab. Your CEO (or Headteacher) creates Draft goals, and publishes them when ready, making them visible to the entire organisation.