New Release: Visualisation

A quick update to tell you about our latest PerformanceHub release.

This new release really takes advantage of our online performance review software real-time capability. It’s a new visualisation tool designed to keep you on track of your process.


New ‘Sunburst’ Chart

Your CEO and HR Admin can now see at a glance where everyone is in the appraisal process using the new interactive sunburst chart.

Here’s an example.

The chart arranges your organisation as a set of concentric circles. Each segment in a band corresponds to an employee and is colour coded from red to green to tell you where they are in the process.

Clicking on a segment will give you more information and double-clicking will zoom the chart in (double click the centre to zoom back out again).

If you are colour blind, then you can switch views to change the colours by clicking the ‘colour blind’ link at the bottom of the legend.

If people find this sort of view useful, we may use it elsewhere, such as tracking progress on Interim Reviews. Another idea we’ve had is to give you the ability to put this info on your Company tab, so everyone can see where you are in the process. We thought this would be a good way to ‘inspire’ people into getting their appraisals done on time. Do let us know what you think.

Other items in this release

  • Added Employee Number, Gender and Start Data to employee records
  • Better ways to find employees on drop-down menus
  • Further enhancements to user prompts in text fields
  • Improvements to Feedback request notifications and other Feedback usability enhancements
  • Squished a few bugs

New release: Graphical KPI Dashboard

Today we released a great new graphical KPI dashboard and made an excellent, user inspired, improvement to interim reviews.

HR Managers and CEOs/Headteachers can now access an all new, live KPI report from their Dashboard tab. The new tab will show you a wealth of information, all on one page with beautifully animated charts. Here’s a quick overview of what it contains.

This first chart shows you how many objectives are contributing to each company objective. This will give you a feel for the proportion of effort against each. If you see a large number of objectives in the “Other” slice, this means that either your managers are not connecting objectives together or, worse, employees are spending a lot of time on objectives that aren’t contributing to the company’s.

Company objectives contribution

 Appraisal Lifecycle

This chart shows you how appraisals are progressing through the lifecycle. A great way to stay on top of the process.

Appraisal Rating Distribution

This one shows you how performance ratings are distributed in the company. Find and keep those top performers!

Appraisal Rating Differences

And this one shows you how the ratings differ between the manager and direct report.

Objective States

With this chart, you can see how objectives are progressing through the lifecycle.

Objective rating distribution

Objective rating differences


This shows you how ratings against individual objectives are distributed.









And this one, how managers’ ratings differ from their direct reports.

Objective distribution


This will show you how many employees have which number of objectives. Watch out for people with too few or far too many.



This release also introduced a change to Interim Reviews. There is now a dedicated section for both the manager and direct report to add comments, rather than a shared section.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments.

Rob Wheatley