PerformanceHub Release

In this release:

  • Way better interim reports
  • A new employee engagement report
  • Various bug and usability fixes

You can’t have too much of a good thing right…? ..thought so.

Sooooo, we have added even more sunburst reports! We had some great feedback on the Objectives Sunburst, so we thought “why not?”.


Interim review progress sunburst chart

The Interim dashboard report (click on Interims in the Dashboard’s sidebar if you have one) now gives you a better overview of progress on interims. You can even click a button to see things in percentage terms. But, if you look on the far right, you’ll see the, by now familiar, sunburst chart icon. Click that and you’ll get a breakdown of progress on interim reviews in a chart.


Employee engagement report

We’ve introduced a brand new report. On your Dashboard, you’ll see a new entry in the sidebar “Engagement”. Click on that and you will see a, yes, you guessed it, a sunburst chart showing you when people last logged into PerformanceHub. It’s the start of a few ideas we have on Employee Engagement reports.

Check your report out here (you’ll need to be logged in). Don’t be too upset if you see a lot of yellow, depending on where you are in your review period, you may not be expecting people to have logged in for a while.


Various stability and usability updates

  • We’ve got rid of that jitter on Chrome!! Hoorah!
  • Feedback tool-tip now takes into account anonymity settings
  • Managers who were “matrix managers only” were incorrectly being given the opportunity to change matrix managers for their team members (when they didn’t have any)
  • Titles have been added to more reports

As ever, feedback is a powerful motivator, so let’s have yours.

Latest PerformanceHub Release

In this release:

  • Objectives sunburst chart
  • Role descriptions in user profiles
  • New option to enable/disable anonymous feedback
  • Target completion dates now show in the overview view
  • Clearer average objectives rating chart title
  • Various stability and performance updates
  • Various bug and usability fixes


We are currently preparing a big new feature for probation period reviews, it’s quite a complicated feature to develop and we want to maximise your input to its design. If you aren’t already involved in reviewing the new feature, but want to be, drop me a mail and I can send you our latest thoughts.

Iterating on the design is going to take a couple more weeks, so in the mean time, we thought we’d sneak in a couple of quick PerformanceHub updates for you. This is the first one, we hope you like it. Here are the details:


Employee Objectives Visualisation

The appraisals sunburst chart has proved to be a very popular tool, so we have now introduced a similar chart for objectives.
You can use the new Objectives Sunburst chart to see whether people have agreed the minimum number of objectives, at a glance, across the whole organisation. The chart will give you % coverage statistics and allow you to zoom in on areas of interest.
You can get to the new chart from your main dashboard or when looking at the Objectives dashboard. If you are logged into PerformanceHub, you can click here to see yours (note, the feature isn’t supported on IE8).


Role descriptions in user profiles

If you have Competency based reviews enabled, and you have defined some Roles, employees can now see their Role Description in their profile. To get to a profile, you just click on your name on the top right and select Profile.


New option to enable/disable anonymous feedback

If you have unprompted feedback enabled, then you can now control whether people are allowed to give anonymous feedback or not. We used to always allow it, but now the default is not to allow it. If you want to continue to allow people to give anonymous feedback, you will need to turn the feature on in the Configuration – Setup tab.


Target completion dates now show in the overview view

When people complete a target, we capture the completion date, but to be able to see it, you had to open the target. The completion date now shows in the list view.


Clearer average objectives rating chart title

We have clarified the title of the new chart we introduced on appraisals for the average objective rating. We have simply added the word “objectives” so that people know that the chart only relates to objectives.


Various stability and performance updates

  • In some circumstances, when HR looked at an appraisal with a lot of text in, the scroll-bar wasn’t behaving itself.
  • The Excel report, org chart and objective cascade could have ‘funny characters’ in it. This was caused by accented and non-English text, but we now deal with it properly.
  • You could blank out the title of a target, which would cause an error on the page.
  • You could blank out the title of a company goal, which made it look odd.
  • Some browsers would ‘jiggle’ the layout as the page loaded. We have reduced the jiggle in this release and will complete the job in the next release.


See all PerformanceHub Features.

As ever, feedback is a powerful motivator, so let’s have yours.


– Rob.

New feature: Bonus objectives and Objective weights

In this release:

  • Overall objectives performance summary chart
  • Objective weights
  • Bonus objectives support
  • Various stability and performance updates

We recently updated PerformanceHub with three new features to help get the most out of objectives.


1) Overall objectives performance summary chart
A new chart has been introduced in appraisals to give employees a summary of performance against all objectives.

It takes the average rating for all objectives and draws both the manager’s and direct report’s results in the chart, like this:

Average objective performance

The chart is particularly useful when doing an appraisal because it gives you a quick overview of performance against objectives without having to open each objective up.


2) Weighted Objectives
When enabled (in HR Admins Configuration screens) all objectives get a weighting. Objective weights can be used to show the relative importance of each objective, and when applied, objectives are listed in weight order, with the highest weighting at the top. Weights are set by the line manager by simply clicking on the icon.

The new weight icon shows, even when objectives are in the list view:

Objective Weights


In addition, if set, an objective’s weight is used when calculating the average rating in the new chart mentioned above. The greater the objective’s weight, the more influence performance on that objective has in the chart.


3) Bonus Objectives
PerformanceHub now supports bonus objectives. You can enable the feature in the HR Admin Configuration screens. There are a number of configuration sub-options to tell PerformanceHub whether everyone is entitled to a bonus or just some employees. And whether all objectives are bonus objectives or just some. If not all employees are eligible for a bonus, then HR can mark the individuals who are via their profile in the Users tab.

A new icon is used to indicate weather an objective will form part of the bonus payment:

Bonus Objectives

The faded ‘present’ tells the user that the objective does not form part of the bonus calculation and the solid present means that the objective will be included in the calculation.

The line manager decides which objectives are bonused. All they need to do is click on the icon and confirm the change.

HR can generate a new report for bonuses, which provides you with the overall bonus calculations for all eligible employees.

The bonus calculation takes into account an individual’s performance against each bonused objective and a new parameter in the objective rating scheme which tells PerformanceHub how much bonus should be paid for each performance level. For example, you can configure the system such that ‘Good’ performance gives 100% of bonus, better performance gives more than 100% and anything under good gives 0%, but it’s up to you, it’s entirely flexible.

If objectives are weighted, the weighting is also taken into consideration in the bonus calculation.

If you are interested in setting up bonus objectives, then please get in touch and we can help you set it all up.


Final Notes
We squished a few bugs, and made some changes to speed up certain pages and reports.

New Release: Visualisation

A quick update to tell you about our latest PerformanceHub release.

This new release really takes advantage of our online performance review software real-time capability. It’s a new visualisation tool designed to keep you on track of your process.


New ‘Sunburst’ Chart

Your CEO and HR Admin can now see at a glance where everyone is in the appraisal process using the new interactive sunburst chart.

Here’s an example.

The chart arranges your organisation as a set of concentric circles. Each segment in a band corresponds to an employee and is colour coded from red to green to tell you where they are in the process.

Clicking on a segment will give you more information and double-clicking will zoom the chart in (double click the centre to zoom back out again).

If you are colour blind, then you can switch views to change the colours by clicking the ‘colour blind’ link at the bottom of the legend.

If people find this sort of view useful, we may use it elsewhere, such as tracking progress on Interim Reviews. Another idea we’ve had is to give you the ability to put this info on your Company tab, so everyone can see where you are in the process. We thought this would be a good way to ‘inspire’ people into getting their appraisals done on time. Do let us know what you think.

Other items in this release

  • Added Employee Number, Gender and Start Data to employee records
  • Better ways to find employees on drop-down menus
  • Further enhancements to user prompts in text fields
  • Improvements to Feedback request notifications and other Feedback usability enhancements
  • Squished a few bugs