Browser Tech and Google’s Stand.

I must say, we were pleased to read Google’s announcement that they will no longer support legacy browsers for certain service features. Google’s vice president of engineering, Venkat Panchapakesan, wrote in a blog post: “Older browsers just don’t have the chops to provide you with the same high-quality experience.”

This is great news for us. Without the backing of the big boys like Google, the world just won’t move on.  Our development cycles are extended by about 20% to ensure we work on older browsers and in most cases we have to write special code to cope with legacy bugs (that perpetuate into newer browsers for ‘compatibility’ reasons). It’s all very tedious.

We want to give our users the best experience possible. We also want to move our products forward quickly and smoothly, but these aspirations are impeded by outdated tech that is oh-so-simple to update.

This reminds me of my Vodafone days when mobile data was growing up fast. We would spend both an age and a fortune trying to ensure that services worked with legacy devices. Usually, this necessitated a reduction in functionality of new services we were trying to launch. In the end, we’d launch a product that didn’t work very well on older devices or work as well as it could on newer ones.  The irony was that the kind of people who owned the older devices neither wanted or cared about funky new services in the first place, so it just hurt the people that did.

Back to Cogendo and we’re also liking Google’s Chrome browser. From a compatibility stand-point it seems to be rock solid. It also, in our opinion at least, seems to be leading the way in functionality, security and speed. We also like Chrome’s fast, incremental updates. Does this make us fringe and alienate us from our own customers….? Not nowadays we think.

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