A fine balancing act …

Dec 4, 2012 | New Feature

Today we released an update to PerformanceHub’s appraisal balancing function, making it even more powerful and flexible.

Many companies want to ensure that appraisal ratings are applied by managers fairly. Some companies also want to ensure a fixed distribution of ratings across the company. This is something that PerformanceHub has supported for a while now, but today we updated the function to make it more flexible.

Some of our users want to balance ratings across the company or even on a department level, but they also love PerformanceHub’s operational benefits – helping plan and get things done. If reviewing work-to-date is held-up waiting for an annual balancing exercise, people won’t review what they have done whilst it is still fresh in their minds, meaning work is stored up for that dreaded ‘big bang’ review at the end of the year. We hate that big-bang review, it’s one of the main reasons people dislike performance management processes.

PerformanceHub’s new balancing mode gives you the option to collaboratively review objectives as they’re completed, but still provides all the functionality you need to ensure fair and balanced ratings.

One other thing, you may have noticed the new Organisation Chart layout. We have updated the chart so that it’s a little more compact and for the Team Org Chart, people can see how Matrix Reports fit into the organisation.

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